Netsia attends MWC Americas as a Gold Sponsor to ONF, showcases Netsia MAC

Bora Eliaçık

Netsia attended the Mobile World Congress Americas on September 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. More than 22,000 visitors from more than 110 countries checked out the latest developments in the industry. The newest product family Netsia MAC (Multi Access Cloud) was showcased for the first time at the ONF booth where Netsia was a Gold Sponsor.

Thanks to its’ multi access cloud architecture, Netsia MAC product family will be able to provide services to both fixed and mobile subscribers from the same edge office and infrastructure, thus lowering the capex and opex by virtualizing fixed and mobile equipment on the same edge office. Netsia’s another innovative and patented technology ProgRAN is also being used for Netsia MAC to enable an integrated network slicing on both radio and optical network. Faster, easier connectivity for the base stations of a mobile network and deployment of new services and lower delay in services are expected to increase customer satisfaction thanks to Netsia MAC.