Argela attended the 3GPP in Lisbon where the first NSA 5G NR specs were approved

Argela was at the plenary meeting of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) in Lisbon where the first NSA 5G NR specs were approved. On behalf of Argela, Technology Director, Arda Akman provided input to the meeting, which determined the Non Stand Alone Architecture.

RAN Chair called the latest development “an Impressive achievement in a remarkably short time, with credit due particularly to the Working Groups”. The debate on Stand Alone Architecture is still ongoing however, this achievement for the advancement of 5G is considered to be ground breaking.

The 3GPP covers cellular telecommunications network technologies, including radio access, the core transport network, and service capabilities – including work on codecs, security, quality of service. 3GPP studies are conducted by member companies, in Working Groups and at the Technical Specification Group level.

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