Argela Participated in the Public Cyber Security Summit in Ankara, Turkey, April 6th-7th


Argela participated in the Public Cyber Security Summit in Ankara, Turkey between April 6th-7th. Over a thousand people attended the two day Summit, which was hosted by the  Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication. As one of the sponsors of the Summit, Argela exhibited its MILAT project, which enables dynamic cyber security and cyber defense mechanisms to reduce the vendor lock-in on security-critical communication infrastructures and provide security-sensitive dynamic configuration abilities. With MILAT, Argela was the only exhibitor to conduct a demonstration, in the event.

Furthermore, Senior Manager Dr. Burak Görkemli represented Argela in the “New Generation Security Approaches’’ panel. Dr. Görkemli talked about SDN and NFV technologies, which play a crucial role in the MILAT project to enable both conventional and new generation security solutions to be utilized in military, public safety and commercial communication infrastructures. Dr. Görkemli also noted that these two technologies, which are considered as key enablers for 5G communication, allow Argela to realize it’s in depth, layered, comprehensive, unique and national cyber security strategy.

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