Azercell will improve network performance with Argela solutions

AZERCELL, the leading operator of Azerbaijan, will further increase its network performance with Argela solutions, thus accelerating the transition to digital customer solutions.

Argela, the next-generation digital telecommunications solutions provider of Türk Telekom, continues to export technology solutions developed at world standards. Azercell will maximize network performance by using Argela’s “Mobile Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management” solutions.

Argela, Turkey’s leading information and communication technology company, has initiated a notable collaboration with Azercell, one of the three operators active in Azerbaijan. Under the agreement, Azercell, the leading operator of Azerbaijan with approximately 4.8 million subscribers, will use “Mobile Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management” solutions developed by Argela.


Argela CEO Bülent Kaytaz said that after Ethio Telecom, one of the biggest operators in Africa and operating in Ethiopia, Azercell started to use Argela solutions as well.

“As Argela, we conduct research and development activities in the field of next-generation telecommunication technologies and pioneer our sector. We develop 5G and beyond technologies with our special position in the league of leading companies that direct communication technologies, working nonstop to gain new competitive advantages,” Kaytaz said. “In today’s highly competitive conditions for telecommunications operators, network efficiency, operational skills and customer experience are of top importance and priority. Thanks to the solutions we have developed as Argela, operators can monitor the network performance in real-time on the voice and data side and achieve the highest efficiency.

“We are pleased that Azercell, one of the largest operators in the Caspian region, to have opted for our solutions in the field of mobile network performance improvement and customer experience. The project we launched last year with Ethio, the largest operator in Ethiopia, is progressing rapidly. We will further increase our success in the international arena with new collaborations that we will announce in the future.”


Argela Mobile Network Performance Monitoring System enables operators to detect problems that may occur at any point in end-to-end in mobile networks in real-time and thus take fast and effective measures. Efficient analysis of data and statistics ensures maximum network efficiency and uninterrupted operability. The innovative technology solution developed by Argela will ensure that any situation that may adversely affect the quality of voice and data services offered by Azercell and Ethio Telecom to their subscribers can be identified in the fastest way, thus accelerating decision-making and response processes and maximizing the quality of the service provided.

Argela’s Customer Experience Management solution also provides real-time reports by evaluating subscribers on the basis of the communication device used and the business groups to which they are connected, and also, if desired, to improve customer experience according to different sub-groups.

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