Argela and Netsia Shines at ONF’s Spotlight Series on Broadband

Source: Open Networking Foundation

The ONF has launched an exciting series, the ONF Spotlight Series, that combines live virtual keynotes and on-demand plenary panel sessions, presentations and demonstrations. The first ONF Spotlight in the series is focused on open source Broadband related topics; additional sessions that will be conducted throughout the remainder of this year include “5G Transformation with Open Source”, “Enterprise Mobile Edge Cloud-as-a-Service” and “SDN Infrastructure”.

The ONF Spotlight – Broadband virtual event took place on July 7th and 8th with presentations and discussions focused on how broadband infrastructures are evolving by leveraging open source solutions to meet increasing demand. It was highlighted by lively operator keynote presentations on each of these days by executives from Deutsche Telekom and Turk Telekom as well as ONF, followed by engaging roundtable discussion that explored some of their experiences and benefits in embracing an open source strategy.

ONF Spotlight – Broadband also included an additional 15 engaging pre-recorded technical presentations, operator and vendor panels and a demonstration, by industry experts, including BT, Telefonica, Google Fiber, Argela Technologies, Edgecore, Radisys, Netsia, Dell EMC and Infosys.

You may see the presentations by Argela and Netsia below. For all of the other video presentations and slides from this event go to to register and view all the engaging video presentations and slides.

ONF’s SEBA and BBF’s CloudCO, Bringing Two Worlds Together by Burak Gorkemli from Netsia

SEBA in Production: Lessons Learned by Cem Erdogmus and Huseyin Ahmet Aydin from Netsia

Dynamic Mac Learning by Gamze Abaka from Netsia

Supply Chain Panel for ONF 2020 Broadband Spotlight – ONF, Netsia, Edgecore Networks, & Radisys

SEBA as a Building Block to Transform Enterprise Broadband Services – Starlite Technologies, VMware, Netsia

Multicast in SEBA by Esin Karaman & Ozge Ayaz from Netsia


Azercell will improve network performance with Argela solutions

AZERCELL, the leading operator of Azerbaijan, will further increase its network performance with Argela solutions, thus accelerating the transition to digital customer solutions.

Argela, the next-generation digital telecommunications solutions provider of Türk Telekom, continues to export technology solutions developed at world standards. Azercell will maximize network performance by using Argela’s “Mobile Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management” solutions.

Argela, Turkey’s leading information and communication technology company, has initiated a notable collaboration with Azercell, one of the three operators active in Azerbaijan. Under the agreement, Azercell, the leading operator of Azerbaijan with approximately 4.8 million subscribers, will use “Mobile Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management” solutions developed by Argela.


Argela CEO Bülent Kaytaz said that after Ethio Telecom, one of the biggest operators in Africa and operating in Ethiopia, Azercell started to use Argela solutions as well.

“As Argela, we conduct research and development activities in the field of next-generation telecommunication technologies and pioneer our sector. We develop 5G and beyond technologies with our special position in the league of leading companies that direct communication technologies, working nonstop to gain new competitive advantages,” Kaytaz said. “In today’s highly competitive conditions for telecommunications operators, network efficiency, operational skills and customer experience are of top importance and priority. Thanks to the solutions we have developed as Argela, operators can monitor the network performance in real-time on the voice and data side and achieve the highest efficiency.

“We are pleased that Azercell, one of the largest operators in the Caspian region, to have opted for our solutions in the field of mobile network performance improvement and customer experience. The project we launched last year with Ethio, the largest operator in Ethiopia, is progressing rapidly. We will further increase our success in the international arena with new collaborations that we will announce in the future.”


Argela Mobile Network Performance Monitoring System enables operators to detect problems that may occur at any point in end-to-end in mobile networks in real-time and thus take fast and effective measures. Efficient analysis of data and statistics ensures maximum network efficiency and uninterrupted operability. The innovative technology solution developed by Argela will ensure that any situation that may adversely affect the quality of voice and data services offered by Azercell and Ethio Telecom to their subscribers can be identified in the fastest way, thus accelerating decision-making and response processes and maximizing the quality of the service provided.

Argela’s Customer Experience Management solution also provides real-time reports by evaluating subscribers on the basis of the communication device used and the business groups to which they are connected, and also, if desired, to improve customer experience according to different sub-groups.

Argela Attends 5G World Summit in London

Argela attended this year’s 5G World Summit in London. Argela’s VP of Wireless Mr. Oguz Oktay and Director of Wireless Access Mr. Arda Akman represented the company at the event. Arda Akman participated in a panel on “Open Source & 5G” following his presentation on “Disaggregation and Slicing the RAN”.

You can see the presentation here: Arda_Akman_Netsia_5G_World_2019_Presentation

Argela and Netsia also took part in the workshop on “Realising the 5G cloud with open source, virtualization and SDN”, held by Open Networking Foundation.

Netsia Showcases in Mobile World Congress 2019

Netsia exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2019, one of the world’s biggest technological events, in Barcelona with its’ latest solutions and demonstrations. This year Netsia was a sponsor to Open Networking Foundation’s Exhibiton Stand with a demo station of its’ own and held an intensive “Power Hour” session on “Multi-Access Telco Edge Cloud for Fixed Mobile Convergence”.

You can see and download Netsia’s Power Hour presentation right here:

Netsia Team at the MWC 19

Netsia’s Multi Access Cloud solutions were demonstrated to the visitors also were the RAN Slicing and ONAP integration components which Netsia developed. Bülent Kaytaz, CEO of Netsia, commented: “Netsia is pleased have contributed RAN slicing and ONAP integration components of the ONF’s MWC 2019 demo.  By offering SDN control of the RAN access layer, operators are able to deliver multiple service offerings over a single infrastructure while delivering an enhanced user experience. This is all accomplished by better utilizing licensed wireless spectrum – one of any operator’s most precious resources.

Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Communication Mr. Mehmet Cahit Turhan and Deputy Minister Mr. Ömer Fatih Sayan visited our stand, observed the demos and received detailed information as Turkey intends to be a flag-bearer in adopting 5G and Netsia’s patented technologies will be the cornerstone of unlocking the full potential of 5G.

Take a look at the below animations to see what Netsia’s RAN Slicing and Multi Access Cloud Solutions will enable when 5G arrives.

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5G & Network Transformation Conference was held by Argela and Netsia in Istanbul

Netsia and Argela together organized the 5G and Network Transformation Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on 18th October 2018 with valuable contribution of Istanbul Technical University.
The conference brought together the contributors of 5G from various fields and perspectives. Speakers from non-profit and open source standardization organizations, global telecoms operators, world class educational institutions, technology giants and governmental bodies enriched the conference with their presence and talked about 5G’s development, what it will bring and how we must transform our infrastructure to completely enable 5G.

Click on the link below to access and download the conference’s presentations:

You can also watch the videos of each speech at our Youtube channel. Click on the link below to go to our channel:

Take a look at the conference agenda and don’t miss the next one!

Netsia attends MWC Americas as a Gold Sponsor to ONF, showcases Netsia MAC

Bora Eliaçık

Netsia attended the Mobile World Congress Americas on September 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. More than 22,000 visitors from more than 110 countries checked out the latest developments in the industry. The newest product family Netsia MAC (Multi Access Cloud) was showcased for the first time at the ONF booth where Netsia was a Gold Sponsor.

Thanks to its’ multi access cloud architecture, Netsia MAC product family will be able to provide services to both fixed and mobile subscribers from the same edge office and infrastructure, thus lowering the capex and opex by virtualizing fixed and mobile equipment on the same edge office. Netsia’s another innovative and patented technology ProgRAN is also being used for Netsia MAC to enable an integrated network slicing on both radio and optical network. Faster, easier connectivity for the base stations of a mobile network and deployment of new services and lower delay in services are expected to increase customer satisfaction thanks to Netsia MAC.

Ethio Telecom selects Argela’s Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management systems


Argela Technologies and Ethio Telecom, one of the biggest telecom operators in Africa, has signed an agreement to make the deployment of Argela’s Network Performance Monitoring and Customer Experience Management systems into the mobile network of Ethiopia which is the biggest in Africa in terms of number of subscribers which is over 65 million. Ethio Telecom will be able to make the detection of service issues, such as failure on voice call or data session quality, and prioritize on improvements based customer and business impact in much faster and effective way.

Argela Network Performance Monitoring system’s cutting-edge technology provides end-to-end visibility of the mobile network by capturing and correlating different protocols and real-time detection of the network problems, outages and degradations before having a negative impact on subscribers. Furthermore, identification of the network utilization for optimum network planning will be easier and more effective by using the performance statistics and trends based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Argela Customer Experience Management system will enable Ethio Telecom to provide a world class customer experience based on subscriber analytics, corporate and VIP analytics by proactive and continuous quality monitoring with real time measurement of the subscriber experience and real-time detection of the actual experience. Argela’s solution also provides device analytics capabilities for device campaigns with segmentation based on age, loyalty, value and application ranking.

Savas Tanyeri, Argela’s VP of International Business Solutions, says: “By selecting Argela among powerful competitors after a thorough tendering process, Ethio Telecom is taking one more step towards fulfilling its mission: providing world-class, modern and high quality telecom services for all citizens equitably so as to transform the multifaceted development of the country to the highest level.” Savas Tanyeri also praised Suha Akyol, Argela’s Sales Director of Africa who ran the process on-site, for his valuable contributions to this deal.

Ethio Telecom is the integrated telecommunications solutions provider of Ethiopia; offering internet, data, VAS (Value Added Services) and voice services internationally with comprehensive plans in place to meet the requirements set out by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) and the people of Ethiopia.

Established in 2004, Argela is an award-winning next-generation telecommunication solutions provider focusing on 5G enabling technologies. Argela’s products and solutions enable commercial, government and military telecommunications industries to do better business, improve their users’ experiences and create new opportunities. Argela collaborates with technology companies, consortia, and universities worldwide to provide integrated solutions. At home in Turkey, our Ankara and Istanbul offices provide telecom and public safety solutions for telecom operators, government and national defense and other sector companies. Beyond Turkey, Argela’s presence is prominent in Central Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as in the United States with its R&D company Netsia.

Argela has Successfully Delivered its Software Defined Networking (MİLAT) Project to SSM

On December 22, 2017, Argela successfully completed and delivered its “Development of Software Defined Network (SDN) Technologies, (MİLAT) Project” to the Turkish Under Secretariat for Defense Industries (SSM).

The MİLAT Project has been developed to provide an End-to-End Software Defined Networking (SDN) & Network Function Virtualization (NFV) based solution that can be utilized in military, public safety and commercial communication infrastructures enabling dynamic cybersecurity as well as cyber defense mechanisms. Within the project SDN Controller, Virtual SDN Switch and SDN Network Applications have been developed and integrated with an NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) Platform. The project will reduce dependency on security-critical communication infrastructures of vendors with its security based sensitive dynamic configuration abilities.

After 2 years of hard work, Argela is proud to have completed the MİLAT Project, which has been categorized by the SSM as one of the projects delivered entirely without any shortcomings.