ARGELA at Small Cell World Summit 2016 in London

SmallCellWorldForumARGELA at Small Cell World Summit 2016 in London

At the Small Cell World Summit in London, Argela presents its ProgRAN RAN Slicing architecture for 4G and 5G radio access nodes. The platform independent ProgRAN software creates dynamic and programmable RAN slices that could be utilized for flexible services. Argela has partnered with Cavium and demonstrates its ProgRAN technology on the Cavium’s cloud RAN platform.

Argela’s TILAS Project is awarded by Celtic-Plus Excellence Award for Smart Cities


Argela’s TILAS Project is awarded by Celtic-Plus Excellence Award for Smart Cities

EU Project TILAS – Technology Improvements for Large Scale Smart Cities Deployments – which Argela was one of the contributors is awarded by “Celtic-Plus Excellence Award for Smart Cities”.

TILAS project, completed in late 2015, has developed solutions to enable the deployment of IoT – Internet of Things – devices to large-scale smart cities environments. The breakthroughs achieved by the project include an innovative IoT data abstraction framework, new models of end-to-end security devices, customized optimal enclosures, management of massive remote firmware upgrades, and cloud base services exploiting large amount of data. All these results have been validated on different test-bed deployments in Santander, Paris, Grenoble and Seoul.


TILAS project is run by a consortium of 9 partners coming from 4 different countries: Spain (TST, TTI, Bankoi), France (Gemalto, UPEC, CEA-LETI, Webdyn), Turkey (Argela) and South Korea (Pangaea).




Held in even-numbered years since 1988, IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium, NOMS 2016 will follow the 28 years tradition of NOMS as the primary IEEE Communications Society’s forum for technical exchange on management of information and communication technology focusing on research, development, integration, standards, services, and user communities. NOMS 2016 focuses on the theme “Managing Everything toward a Secure, Smart, and Hyperconnected World,” presenting recent, emerging approaches, and technical solutions for dealing with future network and ICT infrastructures, as well as with novel services provided in smart and hyper-connected environments (e.g., smart cities, Internet of Things).

Argela will be presenting two papers during IEEE NOMS :

  • Standalone eNode-B Design with Integrated Virtual EPC in Public Safety Networks, by Can Altay, Nazlı Zeynep Bozdemir,  and Erdoğan Camcıoğlu.(This paper proposes a standalone eNode-B architecture, which deploys its own integrated virtual EPC to ensure service without backhaul connection. The proposed standalone eNode-Bs are also designed to establish backhaul connection with each other to extend the coverage without need for a central EPC structure. Standalone LTE solutions for PSNs that fall within the scope of this paper, aim to offer resiliency, robustness, dynamicity, and high quality service. The basic LTE functions and further design challenges, related to connected or non-connected standalone eNode-Bs, are discussed through the paper.)
  • Flexible Bandwidth-Based Virtual Network Embedding by Cihangir Besiktas, Didem Gözüpek, Aydin Ulas, Erhan Lokman Özcan Özyurt and Kazim Ulusoy.(The paper is on Software-Defined Networks (SDN) based virtual network embedding in physical networks according to various criteria including virtual network topology, bandwidth, and location.)

Argela Demo Day to AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, SK Telecom and Nokia


Argela Demo Day to AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, SK Telecom and Nokia at its Sunnyvale Office

Argela hosted a Demo Day for directors and senior engineers from AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, SK Telecom and Nokia at its Sunnyvale office on April 19, 2016. The focus was Argela’s ProgRAN technology, which enables operators to dynamically create new RAN slices in real-time to serve different use cases. Dr. Oguz Sunay, CTO of Argela USA, gave a brief introduction to the patent-pending ProgRAN framework. Then, the ProgRAN team showed visitors how downlink and uplink slices could be created on an LTE network for both traditional and C-RAN deployments. The demo also showed that a RAN slice created for a multimedia flow guarantees pause-free 4K video streaming even when the serving base station is loaded. Visitors also watched how ProgRAN enables RAN slice handovers while maintaining slice settings across the network.

Argela Kamu Bilişim Zirvesi 2016’ya katıldı




Argela Kamu Bilişim Zirvesi 2016’ya katıldı ve ARGELA ARGE, Teknoloji ve Inovasyon Merkezi Başkanı Dr. Metin Balcı etkinlikte “Milli Teknoloji ve Inovasyon” konulu bir konuşma yaptı.
Kamu Bilişimcileri Derneğinin, “kamu bilişim çalışanlarının bilgi ve tecrübe paylaşımını sağlamak, kamuda bilişim teknolojilerinin kullanımını arttırarak kamu kaynaklarının etkin ve verimli kullanılmasını sağlamak, ulusal ve uluslararası alanda yeni teknolojiler ve uygulamalar hakkında ortak akıl oluşturularak proaktif davranışlar geliştirmek amacına” yönelik olarak her yıl düzenlenmesi planlanan Kamu Bilişim Zirvesi (KBZ), bu yıl 15-17 Nisan 2016 tarihleri arasında Antalya’da düzenlendi.


Argela is Awarded with the First Place at ITU Technopark 1st Beetech Awards

Argela is awarded with the best place for National-International Supports for all Branches for Large Firms and All Firms category on ITU Technopark 1st Beetech Awards ceremony 2015.  Argela CEO Bulent Kaytaz accepted the award from Mr. Serhat Ozener and Deputy Minister of Transportation, Communication and Maritime, Assoc. Prof. Hasan Ali Celik.

Argela in Open Networking Summit 2016

Argela participated in Open Networking Summit 2016 (ONS-2016) event which was organized by Linux Foundation on March 14-17 2016 in Santa Clara, CA.


During ONS-2016, developments and experiences on Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) were shared with the participants through various presentations. Additionally, the solutions developed by companies and consortiums were demonstrated in a dedicated demo


Argela R&D, Technology and Innovation Technical Director Erhan Lokman made a presentation (“An SDN/NFV Based Network Infrastructure for Turkey’s Public Safety”) and introduced the MİLAT R&D project which aims to develop an SDN&NFV based network infrastructure with enhanced cyber security features for Turkish Undersecretariat of Defense Industries.

Software Defined Networks (MILAT) Project Signing Ceremony

Software Defined Networks (MILAT) project signing ceremony took place in Ankara on February 9th 2016 during the “Road from 4.5G to 5G and the Importance of the National Industry” workshop with the presence of  Argela and  Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM). Argela was awarded by SSM to undertake the MILAT project as the sole company who meets the technical proficiency.  Undersecretary of SSM, Dr. Ismail Demir and Chief Executive Officer of Argela,  Bülent Kaytaz attended the ceremony.


The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) project (MİLAT) aims to provide an infrastructure for enabling dynamic cybersecurity and cyberdefense mechanisms; to reduce the dependency on foreign security-critical communication infrastructures; to provide security-sensitive dynamic configuration abilities attuned to the exigence of military, public defense and commercial entities.

For more information: SDN NFV Based Network Infrastructures