Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Vendor independent, passive probe-based, signaling intelligence and operations support platform for fixed and wireless operators End-to-end correlated, real-time and historical data with trend analysis capabilities Full visibility across 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, CS, PS and IMS networks

Proactive. Preventive. Planned.
Unlock comprehensive network performance management and optimization,
end-to-end across all your networks

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Argela Network Performance Monitoring delivers real-time awareness of network performance, enabling proactive network management and optimized service delivery for subscribers. It is a complete solution for obtaining and presenting rich network analytics and delivers a complete view of service performance across any generation of mobile technology, covering 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, IMS, and more. It offers rich troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, with detailed xDRs, covering all procedures and operations.

Virtual, passive probe solutions for Access & Core Network


Argela NPM spans the entire network and efficiently correlates data from each domain

Argela NPM is a complete solution to ensure optimized network capacity usage, business process efficiency and real-time network traffic management. It offers rich troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, with detailed XDR data, covering all procedures and operations. A simple user interface enables advanced filtering and data interrogation, with enhanced drilldown options and ultra-fast presentation of results.

Detailed performance, trend and statistical data is collected, allowing time-based searches, down to the hour, with a real-time display for instant presentation in the NOC. Data can be enriched and exported for external systems.

Alarms via SMS, email and SNMP provide reporting tools for performance deviation, with the ability for users to customize KPIs, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

Key Benefits

  • Argela NPM provides full visibility across all networks, the insights CSPs need to run their networks efficiently and cost effectively by delivering real-time insights for all services, across all domains.
  • It minimizes the cost of troubleshooting, accelerates problem resolution and delivers insights more efficiently, at scale to meet the demands of network growth.
  • Its’ vendor independent nature eliminates contention among different vendors in multi-vendor environments and provides objective information to ensure the rapid identification of problems and accelerating resolution, effective resource optimization and planning. An end-to-end, cross domain overview provided by Argela NPM allows bottlenecks to be identified and to understand where best to invest for future network growth and optimization.
  • Consistent network performance and service quality is ensured by Argela NPM through historic and real-time performance insights. 

Real-time Metrics & Rules

Extensive and customizable performance metrics are offered to CSP’s use, both in real time and historically with trend analysis capabilities.

Argela NPM makes the lives of operations and control personnel easier by providing tools to define detailed rules and assign actions such as alarms and warnings to them.


Trouble Shooting & Anomaly Detection

Argela Network Performance Monitoring provides unprecedented real-time network and event monitoring capabilities to CSPs.

By its proactive approach, multi-protocol, enriched correlation for end-to-end visibility, and advanced trend analysis mechanisms enables early detection of network problems and shortens the time for network diagnostics and troubleshooting


5G  & Virtual Probes

Argela Network Performance Monitoring provides real time insights not only for legacy 2G,3G, 4G networks and services, but also emerging 5G networks. ARGELA analytic tools help for planning activities while CSPs are rolling out 5G NSA networks and ensure the successful rollout. CUPS and NFV & vEPC technologies are supported with effective deployment options.



Real-time Metrics & Rules

Argela Network Performance Monitoring collects and processes the KPIs in real-time and allows CSPs to watch the different KPIs at any point in the network, thus ensures the problems are accurately detected and located within seconds rather than in hours or days, the corrective actions are taken in a timely manner and the subscribers get uninterrupted service.

The real time counters, which provides the summary of the network performance in 5-seconds intervals and is used to feed the live charts in NOCs give the CSPs the opportunity of monitoring the status of the network instantly. Numerous types of network resources can be monitored by a wide range of performance indicators. The tools also allow the comparison of observed metrics with “smart long term averages”.

End-to-end Call tracing capability amongst multiple protocols with correlated network message flows allows analyzing the issues easily. 

Rules created using pre-defined KPIs and counters and actions to be taken when a specific rule becomes true, such as alarms and notifications, improves the CSPs awareness of the network issues in real-time. 

Trouble Shooting & Anomaly Detection

In telecom networks, performance metrics (KPIs) usually follow periodic patterns hence KPIs show a trend for each day of the week and each hour of the day.

With Trend Analysis Technique developed by Argela, Network Performance Monitoring follows the KPIs and the trends of the KPIs in the network. It informs the operator when a deviation from the trend is detected. Operator can easily identify the network entities diverting from the trend and take the necessary actions. 

For these purposes, Average Value of KPIs concept is introduced by Argela Network Performance Monitoring. This is a sophisticated method which detects and discards the abnormal fluctuations in order to reach to more meaningful average KPI values. Average values are offered for system wide and for each network element and are suitable to use in rule creation to watch the system. The values that do not fall into the range of the averages or exceed a certain threshold are easily detected and the necessary warning mechanisms are triggered.

5G & Virtual Probes (To be detailed later)

The “Non-Stand Alone” (NSA) architecture, where the 5G Radio Access Network (AN) and its New Radio (NR) interface is used in conjunction with the existing LTE and EPC infrastructure Core Network (respectively 4G Radio and 4G Core), thus making the NR technology available without network replacement is fully supported with Argela NCA solution.

Argela NPM has the means to support the slice monitoring which is a concept introduced by 5G technology:

  • It collects performance indicators per network slice
  • It automatically detects the newly created slices by utilizing Network Slice Subnet Instance (NSSI) or through configuration
  • It is fully integrated into orchestration module - Network Repository Function (NRF) to be aware of the resources newly introduced into the network

Although competitors use MANO, Argela NPM uses ONAP method for virtualization.

Internet of Things (IoT) which is a concept introduced by 5G will have a great impact on the architecture of today’s performance monitoring systems. Argela NPM has the capacity to monitor billions of objects, personal, home and business devices in real time.

Virtualization and Argela vProbe


Argela Network Performance Monitoring Features

Argela Network Performance Monitoring provides real-time and historic reporting the CSPs need, allowing the identification of current issues, analysis of past events and prediction of future challenges, needs and opportunities, while meeting regulatory requirements. It is a complete solution to ensure optimized network capacity usage, business process efficiency and real-time network traffic management. Argela NPM’s easy-to-use user interface enables advanced filtering and data searching, with enhanced drilldown options and ultra-fast presentation of results. Detailed performance, trend and statistical data is collected, allowing time-based searches, down to the seconds, with a real-time display option for instant presentation in the Network Operation Center (NOC). Data can be enriched and exported for external systems. Alarms via SMS and email provide alerts for performance deviations, with the ability for users to customize KPIs and to set thresholds, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.


Argela NPM supports various networks and multiple probes for each protocol. It provides passive monitoring for Access and Core Networks

Performance & Quality Analysis Highlights:

Extensive predefined KPI set for every resource and protocol monitored, hundreds of KPIs per protocol

Live KPIs / counters (5 seconds, 5 minutes and hourly) 

Trend Analysis- Weekly average KPIs for advanced trend analysis

User Defined KPIs (composite and dynamic)


Argela NPM provides means to observe the occurrence of a condition with defined formulas, which are called Rules. Rules include KPIs, mathematical operands and condition checks with constant and relative thresholds. Specific actions are taken based on the rule definition when the conditions occur (e.g. Sending Alarms over SNMP, e-mails, SMSs)

Argela NPM) provides detail xDRs and Correlation capabilities. Detailed xDRs and protocol files for any monitored interface are available with multi-protocol correlation for end-to-end visibility and troubleshooting purposes. High performance, meaning query results in seconds over billions of records, is achieved through distributed architecture and partial response mechanisms. xDRs are easily filtered and analyzed through user-friendly NPM user interface. Collected data - industry standard PCAP formatted - can be analyzed on PDU level by Argela NPM User Interface or any protocol analyzer such as Wireshark. 

Troubleshooting & Diagnostic & Other Enhanced Features

  • Call/Message/Session tracing
  • XDR viewer, protocol decoding
  • Drill down (KPI to XDR, XDR to PCAP)
  • IMSI/IMEI/MSIDN, Location Enrichment
  • Multi-protocol and Run Time correlation (MO/MT Calls and VoLTE Calls) for E2E message trace & first failure reason identification
  • Deciphering of encrypted protocol
  • Customizable home pages with desired widgets, which visualize interested network resources either in graph or table format


Argela Data Probe 

Argela Data probe enables analysis of Internet traffic and used applications by real time non-intrusive passive monitoring of whole user data IP traffic. Data probe provides an accurate application classification and identification as well as performance metrics for the traffic, such as RTT and packet loss, of the monitored IP and Internet traffic to enable internet data and performance analysis. High performant architecture of Argela Data Probe combined with best-of-breed Network Accelerator boards allow real time capturing and analysis of heavy internet traffic of the modern mobile and fix networks without any packet loss. The powerful DPI engine of the data probe receives frequent updates to identify recently introduced internet applications. True heuristics and behavioral analysis of the Internet traffic overcomes false negatives/positives even in the encrypted and obfuscated internet traffic. Thus, thousands of different ever-changing applications with different services can be classified and identified correctly. Thousands of applications, hundreds of protocols and protocol attributes and numerous well defined application attributes are supported.

Argela Data probe enables extensive KPI set (TCP, HTTP, per protocol, per application, per device, etc.) and provides insight into the overall perceived quality of the network. The extracted information from the data network enables valuable information about not only the quality of the network but also the performance of the application provider. Network wide or local problem of the major social media or any other detected internet application can be identified in seconds. The data probe also provides useful information to pinpoint the problem. Run-time correlation of flow XDRs with the associated signaling XDR makes troubleshooting and fault isolation easier (through IMSI, MSIDN, IMEI). Moreover, the extensive integration with the control probes of 2G, 3G and 4G enables CELL level visibility of the network even in the application level. 

Argela Data probes runs on commodity servers and does not require fancy appliances to monitor high internet traffic. 

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Argela NPM Use Cases