SDN-Based, Programmatically Virtualizable Cloud RAN Architecture for 5G


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Intelligent and Secure Communications


Research & Innovation 

Argela’s mission isn’t simply to provide solutions for the present; it’s to generate innovative technologies for the future of communication. We do this through applying our extensive telecom experience to a rigorous, dynamic research and development process.

Our goal? To continue our standing as a leader in the 5G movement through focusing on software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

We use SDN and NFV for the softwarization of legacy network functions and, through the use of commercial-grade, off-the-shelf equipment, we virtualize underlying infrastructure, too. 

We work hand in hand with universities, research institutions and industry leading strategic partners to sharpen our expertise in these areas and to prepare ourselves for future discoveries and innovation.

Public Safety & Defense

Argela helps keep communities and nations safe through public safety solutions designed to meet the needs of high-security communications situations. We excel in providing mobile, reliable and high-bandwidth solutions. 

Our high-level solutions are timely. Now, more than ever, government agencies and public safety bodies know that cellular technology is a far more nimble and cost-effective way to deploy tactical solutions. Our feature-rich, future-proof solutions exceed the benefits of the traditional solution of dedicated proprietary communications systems.

Public Safety & Defense

ARGELA Public Safety Solutions are best suited for high-security communications situations where mobility, reliability and high bandwidth is required on demand.

Our commercial telecom experience is invaluable to government agencies and public safety bodies. As these organizations deploy tactical systems, they’re recognizing commercial cellular technology is often a more cost-effective, feature-rich and future-proof option than many dedicated proprietary communications solutions.


Carrier-grade solutions are a necessity for telecom operators, regulatory bodies and government agencies. Knowing this, Argela, has crafted a series of telecom products that lead the way in efficiency and intelligence. The services we provide are an elegant mix of compliance to industry standards, scalable, open and able to keep pace with all the latest advancements.

On a day-to-day level, our network and subscriber analytics services ward off churn and unneeded operational expenses through precise solutions that enhance the customer experience. And while we’re saving you from additional OPEX, we’re also generating new revenue streams through VoIP and OTT solutions.

We also specialize in end-to-end device and lawful registration solutions that can help mobile operators and regulatory bodies curb fraud, and, therefore, major tax losses.

News & Events


Argela Demo Day to AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, SK Telecom and Nokia


Argela hosted a Demo Day for directors and senior engineers from AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, SK Telecom and Nokia at its Sunnyvale office on April 19, 2016.  Read More…

Argela Kamu Bilişim Zirvesi 2016’ya katıldı


Argela Kamu Bilişim Zirvesi 2016’ya katıldı ve ARGELA ARGE, Teknoloji ve Inovasyon Merkezi Başkanı Dr. Metin Balcı etkinlikte “Milli Teknoloji ve Inovasyon” konulu bir konuşma yaptı.  Read More…

Argela is Awarded with the First Place at ITU Technopark 1st Beetech Awards


Argela is awarded with the best place for National-International Supports for all Branches for Large Firms and All Firms category on ITU Technopark 1stBeetech Awards ceremony 2015.  Read More…

Bulent Kaytaz was the guest of TekeTek on Haberturk TV


Argela CEO Bulent Kaytaz was the guest of TekeTek on Haberturk TV which covered the topic of 4.5G and 5G technologies just days before the launch of  4.5G service in Turkey.  Read More…

Argela at MWC 2016

bulent-kaytaz-standArgela introduced ProgRAN which is considered among the technologies that will shape the future of 5G at the stand of one of its subsidiaries, Argela at the Mobile World Congress organized in Barcelona.Read More…

Argela in Open Networking Summit 2016

open-network-summit-2016Argela participated in Open Networking Summit 2016 (ONS-2016) event which was organized by Linux Foundation on March 14-17 2016 in Santa Clara, CA.  Read More…