About Us

Our meticulously constructed products provide solutions in the commercial, public safety and defense sectors.
About Hero

Argela is proud to stand at the leading edge of the 5G telecom movement. We dedicate ourselves to innovation so our clients can increase revenue and customer satisfaction metrics. Argela’s talented team also applies our unique strategies to cut down on churn and operational expenses.

Our meticulously constructed products provide solutions in the commercial, public safety and defense sectors. 

At Argela, innovation is our passion. Each day we go to work, we want to push the limits of research and innovation to develop the communication technologies of the future.

This drive for the future has put us at the leading edge of the 5G movement. As leaders in this movement, we’re generating intellectual property rights for the 5G-enabling technologies that are necessary to this tech revolution.

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Success in Multiple Sectors

But we’re not limited with our efforts toward the future. Argela’s solutions and products for today’s technology has powerful presence in various sectors, including telecom, public safety and defense arenas. Our powerful solutions have allowed organizations in each of these sectors to thrive in their operations, customer satisfaction and growth.

Collaboration with Thought Leaders

In addition to our work with the future of telecom and our current collection of clients, we devote our energies to collaborative initiatives with technology companies, consortia and universities worldwide.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Programmable RAN
  • Software-defined networks
  • Network performance monitoring and subscriber analytics
  • Small-cell solutions for public and defense (3G & LTE)
  • Cloud-based video surveillance and signaling applications

International Influence

As a leader in the industry for more than 10 years, Argela has fostered relationships with companies across the world. At home in Turkey, our Ankara and Istanbul offices provide telecom and public safety solutions for telecom operators, government and national defense.

Beyond Turkey, our presence is prominent in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, where our Sunnyvale, CA, office has close ties to the American tech movement.