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Network Performance Monitoring

Vendor independent, passive probe-based, signaling intelligence and operations support platform for fixed and wireless operators

Gain control with real-time insights from your network

Unlock comprehensive network performance management and optimization, across all your networks, end-to-end, with rich reporting

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Argela Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) provides the real-time and historic reporting the CSPs need, allowing the identification of current issues, analysis of past events and prediction of future challenges, needs and opportunities, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Argela NPM delivers real-time awareness of network performance, enabling proactive network management and optimized service delivery for subscribers. It is a complete solution for obtaining and presenting rich network analytics and delivers a complete view of service performance across any generation of mobile technology, covering 2G, 3G, 4G, IMS, and more.

It offers rich troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, with detailed XDR data, covering all procedures and operations. An easy-to-use user interface enables advanced filtering and data interrogation, with enhanced drilldown options and ultra-fast presentation of results. Detailed performance, trend and statistical data is collected, allowing time-based searches, down to the seconds, with a real-time display for instant presentation in the Network Operation Center (NOC). Data can be enriched and exported for external systems.Alarms via SMS and email provide alerts for performance deviation, with the ability for users to customize KPIs and to set tresholds, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

Argela NPM is a complete solution to ensure optimized network capacity usage, business process efficiency and real-time network traffic management.

  • Full visibility across all networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, CS, PS, IMS
  • Effective resource optimization and planning
  • Vendor independent real-time analytics
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End to end correlated and enriched real-time network and event monitoring and streaming

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Signaling network diagnostics, troubleshooting, early detection of newtork problems

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Real-time and historical performance metrics (trend analysis)

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Control and React

Customizable performance indicators (Counters & KPIs)

Customer Analytics

Vendor independent platorm for Subscriber, VIP and Corporate Analytics

Unlock rich customer insights, enable successful campaigns, improve call resolution and reduce churn

Customer Analytics

Argela Customer Analytics Platform provides meaningful analysis for subscriber behavior and information about subscriber’s experience in the network for Voice, Messaging, Data Access, Mobility and Data Usage.

It gives the operator the real time visibility of activities at the individual subscriber level by creating and storing records for each subscriber activity on the network that can be utilized for further analysis.

Argela Customer Analytics Platform is composed of two main components:

  • Subscriber Analytics – For on-demand, per subscriber, per service quality assurance, usage and failure analysis.
  • VIP and Corporate Analytics – For real-time, continuous and proactive monitoring of VIP and corporate subscribers, SLA reporting and assurance.
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On-demand, per customer experience scoring, for each service and application used and the quality delivered

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Boost corporate and enterprise customer loyalty by managing, and protecting SLAs, avoiding penalties and reducing costs

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Offer exceptional levels of care for high-value subscribers and VIPs, managing performance while delivering custom services

Service Analytics

Advanced analytics for maintaining and enhancing service levels

High level performance indicators and drill down capabilities for fixed and mobile services

Evaluation of service quality and rich KPI reporting for each service in the portfolio, covering all networks

Ott Analysis

Argela Service Analytics provides end-to-end service visibility across all domains, providing a comprehensive view of service performance – spanning mobile (2G/ 3G/ 4G/VoLTE), IMS/ NGN, Fixed (PSTN/ ISDN).

Data and OTT Analytics provides non intrusive, passive monitoring with full content analysis up to 100 Gbit/s. Drill-down to service, network, terminal or subscriber details are provided and data activity per application is graphed for most used applications.

Intelligence on Data Activity by Application may be utilized for:

  • Identifying problems while accessing popular applications
  • Feeding Customer Experience Management Systems
  • Providing information to commercial 3rd parties
  • Feeding Legal Systems