Broadband Suite

Broadband Suite, BB Suite, SEBA

The Broadband (BB) Suite, which is a product of ARGELA's subsidiary company NETSIA, delivers a virtualized and disaggregated SDN enabled fixed broadband access network management and control solution. While being based on the Open Network Foundation's (ONF) open-source SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) project, the NETSIA BB Suite also embraces the Broadband Forum (BBF), aligning with the specified interfaces and the CloudCO architecture. The product both supports white/gray-box Passive Optical Network (PON) devices certified by the ONF, as well as the BBF native ones.

NETSIA BB Suite is an hardened telco-grade solution, currently being used in Türk Telekom's production network. NETSIA BB Suite is also successfully tested in the labs of many tier-1 operators.

The NETSIA BB Suite is composed of a centralized unit, called BB Control Centre and multiple edge units, each called BB Edge. While BB Edges provide the management and control of OLTs and ONUs, BB Control Centre aggregates the control of the whole PON topology, granting one time OSS/BSS integration.


The NETSIA BB Suite has the following key features:

  • Disaggregation and virtualization of PON technology
  • Centralized management that supports OSS/BSS integration through ONF SEBA NBI
  • Supporting both ONF certified whitebox hardware and BBF native PON devices
  • Based on ONF SEBA and aligned with BBF CloudCO architecture and specifications
  • Telco-grade solution that is currently operational in production network,
  • Supporting GPON and XGS-PON, ready to support future PON technologies
  • Zero-Touch provisioning of OLTs and ONUs

Given the features listed, the NETSIA BB Suite provides the following benefits to broadband operators:

  • Avoids vendor lock-in for fixed access networks
  • CAPEX benefits with single OSS integration, disaggregated HW components
  • OPEX benefits with automated processes, reduces truck rolls with features like Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Future-proof virtualized and SDN-based network infrastructure, ready for 5G and beyond
  • Continuous improvement and addition of new features, keeping the platform at the bleeding-edge, thanks to decent community support and vibrant ecosystem