National Network Technologies with Cyber Security Capabilities

Turkish Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) awarded Turkey’s first SDN&NFV related R&D project (MILAT) to Argela by recognizing Argela’s strong investment in R&D about Open Networking domain. The project milestones were successfully completed and delivered by end of 2017, after 2-year long intensive R&D activities.

MILAT infrastructure, which provides full control of the network by being aware of every bit and byte in the network, has been developed by taking into account the detailed needs of Public Safety and Emergency Communication Networks and Public-specific applications.

Milat Managementorchestration Eng
The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) project (MİLAT) aims:
  • to reduce the dependency on foreign security-critical communication infrastructures
  • to provide an infrastructure for enabling dynamic cybersecurity and cyber defense mechanisms
  • to provide security-sensitive dynamic configuration abilities attuned to the exigence of military, public defense and commercial entities

Considering Cyber ​​Security and its development features in Turkey, the MİLAT infrastructure, which is envisaged to be used in Corporate networks, Data Centers and Wide Area Networks, has the following basic features:

Security and QoS Aware Basic Network Services

  • Detailed Topology Discovery and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Network Slicing, which allows more than one organization to use a network infrastructure
  • Routing / Routing Algorithms Optimized According to Security Criteria

Network Security Services

  • Network Access Control, which is very detailed and allows access to the network according to different roles/criteria
  • The ability of the entire Network Surface to act as a Cyber ​​Security Shield point
  • Secure Address Management
  • Secure Log (log) Management

Milat 3rd Party Etsi Nfv Mano Framework

MİLAT has created the potential of realizing the transformation in communication and information networks by Turkish engineers with domestic opportunities and maximizing the national contribution in network infrastructures by using the enabling technologies of 5G and Beyond Network Infrastructure such as SDN and NFV.