Packet Inspection and High Volume Data Processing

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Engineering Services

Argela’s Packet Inspection and High Volume Data Processing Competence Center provides high technology & innovation-oriented, future-proof “Engineering Services” to both global-local technology companies and telecom operators with its Competence Centers implemented with its R&D and innovation-oriented know-how.

Argela’s products such as “DPI”, “Network Performance Monitoring” and “Customer Analytics” utilizes these services as Data Communication Unit or Data Probes.

Characteristics of  Packet Inspection and High Volume Data Processing Services

Cha Of Pac Ins And Hi Vol Data Proce Service

Special Hardware / High Throughput

Argela Data Probe utilizes accelerator card provided by Napatech, which offloads TCP/IP processing from a microprocessor and by this way can reach up to 100 Gbps throughput processing

 Filtering options with Napatech accelerator card

•     Based on protocol (control plane or user plane filtering)

•     Based on IP address and port

To provide a more cost effective alternative, Intel DPDK accelerator card is also supported

Both Napatech and Intel DPDK support virtualization hence Argela’s virtualized data probe

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DPI Library - PACE

Argela Data Monitor uses an advanced CED (Classification, Extraction and Decoding) engine to reliably detect network protocols and applications and extract metadata in real-time by;

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  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Behavioral, heuristic and statistical analysis
  • Fast Performance - throughput average of 4Gbps per core
  • Highly Efficient - most efficient memory consumption on the market
  • Accuracy and Reliability – classifies over 95% of network traffic (no false positives)
  • Coverage - support for thousands of protocols and applications across diverse operating systems,
  • Application versions and service types.
  • Metadata extraction - deeper insight on application attributes e.g., QoS/QoE KPIs on network performance and applications such as VoIP and video, etc.
  • Stay Current – frequent signature updates, including new additions to classification library