Customer Analytics

Unprecedented understanding of customer behavior Subscriber, VIP and Corporate Analytics to unlock rich customer insights. Enable successful campaigns, improve call resolution and reduce churn. Monitor and manage corporate level service agreements (SLAs)

Unlocking data to release value
The new discipline of subscriber and service analytics

Argela Customer Analytics Platform uncovers and reveals deep subscriber insights, based on the processing of data collected by network probes, allowing operators to optimize their networks to deliver the best experience for customers. This includes the operators’ own services, as well as those that are accessed via their networks. By ensuring that networks are tuned to the services that subscribers consume, operators can boost satisfaction, increase NPS and reduce churn.

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Argela Customer Analytics Platform delivers insights into both services and subscribers, which means that operators can review both specific services (such as voice, data, messaging, roaming, CSFB, VoLTE, device and location), as well as individual and communities of subscribers.

It gives the operator the real time visibility of activities at the individual subscriber level by creating and storing records for each subscriber activity on the network that can be utilized for further analysis.

Argela Customer Analytics is the holistic approach which involves all departments in the organization of a network operator to measure and improve end user customer experience 
Unlock rich customer insights; enable successful campaigns; improve call resolution and reduce churn with vendor independent, subscriber, VIP & corporate analytics platform of Argela

Subscriber Analytics

On-demand, per customer per service experience scoring, for each service and application used and the quality delivered

Corporate & VIP Analytics

Boost corporate and enterprise customer loyality by managing, and protecting SLAs, avoiding penalties and reducing costs

Offer exceptional levels of care for high-value subscribers and VIPs, managing performance while delivering custom services

Subscriber Analytics

Argela Subscriber Analytics is a one stop shop for per subscriber, on-demand service scoring and quality insights. It is accessible through Basic Subscriber Information of MSISDN, IMSI or IMEI and allows to deep dive into real-time service experience of the subscriber.

Analysis for Voice, Messaging, Data, Mobility and Accessibility services with identification of service failure causes and visual distribution of root causes and visited locations information are available with data experience scoring & usage review, detailed xDRs , access to the last data service failures records.

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Corporate & VIP Analytics

Due to their high contribution to operator's revenue VIP and Corporate subscribers have critical importance for operators. Loss of a corporate or VIP customer sometimes equals to the loss of thousands of non-VIP or non-corporate customers in terms of the value and revenue they bring into the operator. Operators who are aware of this fact give specific importance to the retention and acquisition of corporate and VIP customers. However, satisfying the VIP and corporate subscribers and as a result gaining their loyalty is not an easy task to achieve. Quality criteria for VIP and corporate customers are higher than for the ordinary subscribers, they demand special care and have almost zero tolerance for poor quality of service and outages. They want their problems to be solved seamlessly before they get impacted. Most of the big corporates want to guarantee the service quality and therefore operators are making SLA agreements with high level of service quality commitments. 

Argela VIP and Corporate Analytics tool is developed to meet these demands of the operators. It enables operators to continuously monitor all the activities of the VIP and corporate subscribers and compare the delivered service quality with the quality levels committed by the SLAs. 

It generates periodic SLA reports for corporate subscribers for the use of account management team. Also SLA breaches and service failures, even if it is a single service failure, are detected in a timely manner and turned in to alarms.

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Following are the main features of Argela Corporate & VIP Analytics tool:

  • Proactive and continuous monitoring of defined corporate and VIP subscribers (IMSI, MSISDN lists)
  • Corporate provisioning through bulk MSISDN/IMSI import
  • Evaluating average service quality of a corporate for the defined services (Voice, SMS, Data, OTT, Access, Web, Roaming, etc.)
  • Evaluating service quality of a VIP for the defined services (Voice, SMS, Data, OTT, Access, Web, Roaming, etc.)
  • Detailed Analysis: Drill down from corporate average quality to individual quality of subscribers who belong to the selected corporate
  • Location Analysis: Identification of locations where selected corporate subscribers are experiencing poor quality
  • Manual and automatic periodic SLA reporting for corporates and VIPs
  • Manual and automatic reporting of service quality reports for corporates and VIPs
  • Identification of SLA breaches for corporates and VIPs
  • Service failure cause distribution for corporates and VIPs

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