R&D Projects

Research and Development, R&D

ARGELA, with its unique experience in telecommunication, believes in the power of R&D and innovation. Focusing on developing high quality and technological assets, ARGELA defines innovation and research as indispensable parts of its products’ life cycle.

ARGELA's track record on R&D work is impressive. So far, the company has successfully completed more than 30 national and international RnD projects. Eight of these projects are funded by the EU (1 H2020 programme, 7 FP7 programme), while two of them are funded by the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), and 22 of them are funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Besides numerous solutions, standardization work, patents and papers that are created during these projects, the company has been awarded a total of five Celtic-Plus Excellence Awards, as a result of the impact created.

ARGELA has taken the R&D work a step further, collaborating with world's leading telecom operators in open-source communities like Open Networking Foundation (ONF), which resulted in the productization of ONF's SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) solution. Argela and Netsia's Broadband (BB) Suite product, based on ONF's SEBA solution, is world's first SDN based product that softwarizes and disaggregates the broadband access network.