Broadband Super Connector

Broadband Super Connector, BBSC

The NETSIA Broadband Super Connector (BBSC) is part of the NETSIA BB Suite solution that provides connectivity to ONF certified PON hardware (white/gray-box OLTs, ONUs) as well as BBF native PON devices. BBSC can also be deployed independent of the NETSIA BB Suite, in case an integration with a BBF CloudCO compliant solution is required.

The NETSIA BBSC has the following key features:

  • Supporting both ONF certified and BBF native PON devices (OLTs and ONUs)
  • Supporting white-box OLTs that are running ONF SEBA's Open OLT Agent
  • Supporting BBF native OLTs that provides Minf/Mfc interfaces specified by the BBF
  • Ability to connect to a BBF compliant SDN Management & Control solution