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Argela Smart Enterprise Network Solutions For Public Safety & Defense

ARGELA SENS-PS has engineered a dynamic management platform specifically for public safety and defense local-area networks. Our solution uses virtual single and managed networks; it’s a reliable scalable and centrally controlled SDNF. 

Argela’s SENS-PS provides government users a scalable solution whose SDN controller and network applications are OpenFlow-compatible. New value-added network services and third-party applications can be integrated with ease.

Our SENS-PS can be utilized as a cloud service or as a service that’s installed and managed on-site. We’ve structured it this way so government organizations have an optimized solution that enables them flexible network management at their local headquarters or across a wide-area network.

Also, SENS-PS is an excellent option for data centers.

Smart Enterprise Network Diagram

Argela’s SENS-PS offers public safety and defense clients the following advantages:

  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Coexistence with legacy networks
  • Detailed logging that iscustomizable for legislative purposes
  • Enhanced rules for user authentication and multi-level authorization
  • Efficient and dynamic traffic routing mechanisms for disaster recovery
  • Tracking user and device activities over the web
  • Detailed historical network-usage analysis per subscriber
  • Extendable for network sharing through slicing technology over SDN
  • Argela’s SENS-PS application store is a unique, solutions-rich application pool that meets the changing needs of defense and public safety networks
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Dynamic and Real-Time Network Monitoring & Management

Dynamic and selective blocking

Network access control

Easy network management

Global network visibility

Topology discovery

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support

Virtual networks sharing same physical infrastructure with network slicing

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Statistics & Alarm Management

Real-time tracking of switch and user statistics

Exporting satistics data

Visualization of statistical data

Real-time tracking of application logs and alarms

Incoming log data activity

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Advanced QoS Applications

Bandwidth management

Rate limiting based on domain and flows

Real-time policy enforcement

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NW Function Virtualization

Reusability and effective management of resources

Support for various installation scenarios

Modular product architecture

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Enhanced Security Features

Distributed attack prevention

Dynamic and secure routing algorithms

Enhanced cybersecurity features

Isolated resource and traffic flows among virtual mobile networks

Argela Secure Wide-Area Network Solutions

Aregela secure wide-area network solutions (SWANS) is a dynamic and secure management solution tailored for the public safety sector. SWANS’ set of unique features make it a viable option for forming the backbone of a wireless area network.

Our solution is based on two 5G-enabling technologies – SDN and NFV. They provide an elegant WAN infrastructure that is secure, elastic and dynamic, resulting in fluid network management.

Like many of our innovations, boosting your security and management capabilities through third-party solutions is easy with SWANS.

Smart Enterprise Network Diagram 2
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Secure Communication

Enhanced cybersecurity

Encrypted network traffic

Dynamic and secure routing algorithms

Third-party application support

Attack detection

Sub-network quarantine

Communication prioritization

Green communications

Enhanced security mechanisms between management, applications and network equipment

Distributed-attack prevention

Support for Argela’s own vSwitch

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Traffic Engineering

Secure and dynamic routing algorithms

Reliable, fast, and resilient communication

Dynamic resource management

Energy-efficient and traffic-aware routing algorithms

Coexistence with legacy networks

Proactive load balancing

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Network Slicing Applications

Virtual-slice agnostic physical network management

Network slicing based on various criteria

Isolated resource and traffic flows per virtual network slice sharing the same physical infrastructure

Enhanced security applications per virtual network

Dynamic bandwidth allocation

Dynamic resource optimization

Management interface per virtual-network-slice operator

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Access Control and QoS

Global network visibility

Dynamic access control & selective blocking

Dynamic QoS assignment

Resource prioritization

IEEE 802.1X and LDAP support

Web authentication

Dynamic policy enforcement

Dynamic application policy management and consolidation

Temporal policy management

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Monitoring, Statistics & Alarm Management

Cross-layer visibility

Real-time monitoring and statistics

Virtual slice monitoring

User tracking

Statistical data visualization and statistics dashboard

Real-time application log tracking and statistics filtering

Multi-source statistics consolidation