Azercell/Argela Press Release

Press Release

Azercell- the leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan with more than 5 million subscriber base announce that Argela Real Time Monitoring (RTM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution is successfully launched to Azercell mobile network. Argela RTM and CEM solution includes Argela Probe Based Network performance monitoring, Service and Customer Analytics applications. Argela RTM and CEM solution is used for real time monitoring of network performance and service quality and evaluating customer experience. 

 With the underlying passive probes, Argela NPM application real time monitors performance of all network nodes and identifies performance problems and anomalies. Argela NPM also offers troubleshooting tools for investigation and analysis of network problems and issues. Argela NPM helps network operation and support teams with early identification of problems and to shortening identification of failure causes and provides usage and utilization KPIs which is a valuable input for network planning teams. 

  Apart from NPM Argela Customer and Services Analytics tools are also deployed to Azercell network within the scope of the project. Experience of subscribers for each delivered mobile service such as Voice, messaging, mobility is evaluated and displayed via Argela Customer Analytics GUI. Argela Customer Analytics also provides tools for proactive care of VIP and corporate subscribers. With Service Analytics tool, Azercell service assurance team can display the end to end quality of Voice, SMS, CSFB and mobility services for overall network and per location. Argela Service Analytics tool also includes Roaming and Interconnection Analytics for roaming and interconnection quality analysis and Device analytics tool for device model based quality and usage analysis.  

“With the Argela RTM and CEM solution which is launched successfully in a planned period of time due to Pandemic, we started real time monitoring of the mobile network and services.  We gain full visibility on our mobile network, network services and experience of our subscribers. We now can identify network problems, performance degradation just in few seconds. This gave us opportunity to take early measures before problem starts to affect more subscribers. Now we can also identify the experience of our mobile subscribers and e2e quality of our mobile services in real time. I would like to thank Azercell and Argela project teams for their collaboration, professional work and successful completing the project in these difficult circumstances caused by Covid Pandemic.”, – said Marat Hamidov, Chief Technology Officer in Azercell.

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